Progress on this project has been slow, but it does continue and Dr. Richard Gulliver has kindly made a major contribution which needs to be added below. The main effort has been devoted to mechanical control of bracken (i.e. cutting it by hand, with no use of poison), coppicing the hazel and establishing stock-proof fencing. Grazing is to be resumed in 2015 - it is planned to purchase three Highland Cattle to maintain the sward throughout the summer. The farming community has kindly agreed to over-winter them, which is an invaluable help.

We really need to get going with the logbook once more, for 2015.


Starting in March 2011, an attempt is being made to identify and record all forms of natural history within the confines of The Glebe, and earlier records will be included where available. Volunteers are asked to contribute and it is hoped that the ongoing record will be published online. This echoes pioneering work by John and Pamela Clarke in the 1980s, but on a more modest scale. Code to identify observer is in square brackets.

The Glebe is about 50 metres north of the Medical Centre, with a map at the main access point; entry is at one's own risk beware of livestock and the hazards of rough terrain. Total distance on the west side of the road is 1km. The total distance on the east side of road is 0.8 km if taking shortcut from boathouse to road or 1 km if completing shore walk. A leisurely circuit takes up to 90 minutes; it ranges between 4m and 81m above LWS and includes a total ascent of 138 metres.


BIRDS seen in the Glebe, flying over it or visible from its shoreline.

Common Cuckoo. Cuculus canorus . 1 adult. 19/04/05 [001]; also 1 adult 21/04/10 [002];
Greenland White-fronted Goose. Anser albifrons flavirostris . 12 adult. 31/01/04 [001]
White-tailed Eagle. Haliaeetus albicilla . 1, 2 nd summer. 16/10/06. Flying towards Baleromindubh [001]
European Robin. Erithacus rubecula . 1 adult. 12/12/09. Winter Bird Atlas record [001]
Red Kite, Milvus milvus . 2 adult. 17/01/11. Flying around woodland [001]; also 1 adult 05/02/11 [001]


Devil's Coach-horse Ocypus Olens 28/06/11 [003]


Goat Willow [004]
Juniper [004]

FLOWERS WALK with a 5yr and 7yr old, 28/06/11 [004]

Herb Robert Mountain thyme

Bog myrtle

Buttercup Woodrush Bog asphodel
Bracken Wood sorrell Cross-leaved heath
Nettle Tufted vetch Violet
White Clover Stonecrop Sheep sorrell
Sticky Willy Selfheal Lousewort
Yellow Iris Water mint Bog cotton
Germander speedwell Angelica Cow wheat
Bindweed Cuckoo flower Hop trefoil
Bramble Honeysuckle Birdsfoot trefoil
Foxglove Daisy Dandelion
Wild rose Heath-spotted orchid Forget-me-not
Ragged Robin Pennywort Lady's bedstraw
Field thistle Heath speedwell Silverweed
Soft thistle Eyebright Seapink
Spear thistle Chickweed Nettle
Tormentil Scarlet Pimpernel Docken
Heath bedstraw Bog pimpernel Lady's mantle
Milkwort Bell heather Bluebell
Hawkbit Fairy flax