There was an archaeological dig at Dun Cholla, Easter 2012, and here is a report on the 2012 original excavation.

David Hobhouse noticed a "new" ruin beside Loch Fada, pictured here


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Most local sites of general or archaeological interest are listed in Lonely Colonsay - Island at the Edge by Kevin Byrne (House of Lochar, 2010 (available from http://www.houseoflochar.com in "Islands" section at £17.50 post-free, 290 pp with coloured plates and basic maps).

Occasionally, other objects of minor interest and/or previously unrecorded historic sites come to light - this page will record them, but it is a work in progress and will grow.

001. NR 40682 98374

A possible cupmark close to the Bealach, on the left as you ascend. There are others in the area, but the exact locations are unrecorded as yet.


002 / 003. NR 40613 98439

Memorial: "John Clark 1951 - 2004"; "Jewel of my heart".


004 / 005. NR 40711 98889

Ancient circular structure, possibly a Bronze Age burial cairn with central chamber and access passage.


006 / 007. NR 41043 99668

Primitive rectangular enclosure, possibly associated with former farmstead/inn and ferry-point and thus redundant from late 18th century. Other similar enclosures may be traced in the vicinity.


008. NM 41674 00084

"The Dolphins of Dun Crom". Natural boulders of almost sculptural quality when viewed from certain angle.


009. NR 41089 97959

Ruined dwelling at Cnoc Ingibrig. A 19th century grove of sycamore was planted here, perhaps as a picnic-site at a time when this ruin was somewhat more picturesque. The remains may be those of a shieling hut, but possibly upon a more ancient foundation. The site is in the foreground of this picture, which is an aid to location.